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Order Status
I Don't Understand My Order Status
Order Acknowledged We have received your order. This status appears a short time after you have placed the order, but before the charges have been authorized. It serves as your receipt.
Holding Your order is being held due to one of the following reasons: out of country order, order to Alaska or Hawaii, credit card billing issue. Or, we simply may need more information to process your order. Please contact our store so that we may continue processing without further delay.
Declined Your credit card was declined. With recent increased security measures in place for Internet purchasing, there are a variety of reasons this may have occurred. Contact your credit card company to verify your name and address information and then contact us with updated information.
Ordered Your charges have been authorized and your order has been sent to the manufacturer. Shipment typically occurs within 3 business days.
Tracking Requested Your order does not have a tracking number and we are contacting the manufacturer to retrieve it.
Priority Status You have contacted us requesting status information on your order and we are actively looking into it. You should receive correspondence from us within 48 hours of your initial request.
Backordered The product you ordered is currently backordered. You have received a backorder notice via email which indicates the time length of backorder. If you did not receive an email from us, please contact your personal representative or e-mail us
Shipped Your order has been shipped and is now en-route to the shipping address provided. You also have a tracking number or ship date when this status is shown.
Return Label Sent A pre-paid return shipping label has been sent to you. Typically, we send these via email, but sometimes by regular mail if your computer is not compatible with the shipping label format. If you see this status for more than a few days and you have not received a shipping label, please contact our returns department.
Customer Refunded Your account has been credited for a return you made or a delivery you have refused from our store.
Cancelled Your order has been cancelled and your credit card has been credited for any charges.
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